: 2001 740 Audio Upgrade Advice

08-01-2007, 02:07 PM
Hey all,

I am looking for advice on upgrading the sound in my 2001 740 with dsp. I have already installed everything and it doesnt sound as good as it should. I am using an Audiocontrol lc8 to sum the signals. The lc8 feeds a JL 300/4 and 500/1 which powers mbq q's up front and 3 jl 10w3v3s. I had a pair of jl coax in the rear deck, but disconnected them because they sounded terrible and were messing up the front soundstage. I also have an audiocontrol eql that is currently disconnected because it didnt help my cause too much.

Has anyone had luck in getting a real clean signal from dsp systems? Right now, it can go real loud, has no hiss or alternator whine, but it sounds like a tape deck. I have put hours into this thing trying to get it to sound right with no luck. Am I using the wrong summing device? I had most of this gear in my old car running off the oem deck and it sounded amazing - no lc8 needed then. Do I have the sound as good as it can get short of ripping out the HU? How good of sound can you get out of these summing devices? Advice please!!!



08-02-2007, 09:35 PM
first things first: an iPod always sounds best hardwired into the stereo. Second, you are obviously missing a capacitor-- I recommend 2.0 - 2.5, but 1.5 will do fine if you don't run too much power. A capacitor is necessary, trust me.