: Sound dropping out on 2001 car wiyth MKIII Nav....

08-25-2007, 05:04 AM
I picked up an 08/2001 530i M-Sport Touring yesterday, it has the MKIII nav and I presume a BM24 radio module fitted, think the BM54 was from 09/01?.

Every now and again the sound goes completely, was only listening to FM and could not relate it to anything in particular like going over a big bump etc.

Stopping the car and starting it again didn't cure it. However I did work out switching to AM did bring the sound back again, which makes me think that it is not a dry solder joint?

My AM reception is also pretty poor. Does the BM24 have two tuners in it??

Just wondering if it is the aerial or the aerial cable that may be the problem?

Any help greatly appreciated.