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09-20-2007, 04:26 PM
So i got these subs from my buddy (3 MTX Blue Thunder 10s).

I have his old amp as well. (MTX Thunder 4250D)

So my question is, what all will i need to do to get these goin? what wires and guage for the wires are recommended. i heard something about splicing into the factory amp with a line converter or something like that?

I have read a few threads on here about how to hook subs up, but i am more of a visual learner, so pics would be great. If not step by step instructions so i know exactly what to do and where to connect what wires!!

Its in an 02 530 non dsp

I will be keeping the factory headunit and everything else stock. just want some boom boom for now.

So thanks for any help!


09-21-2007, 08:02 AM
Double post ;)

I will copy and paste from your other post...


Shoot me a PM with your email address and I can send you our subwoofer installation instructions. Full color pictures

Also. Ask your friend about how the subs are wired. I am assuming they are wired inside the box for the amp to see 4ohm or 1ohm but just want to make sure. The box only has a single +/- connection?