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Choosing amp

09-27-2007, 05:18 PM
I've just bought 2 pairs of Polk Audio's MOMO MMC5250 (front/back) for my x5, paired with a 1200W 4-ch kenwood amp and 12" sub which i took from my previous car. Now I'm told the amp has internal problems and tend to make hissing sounds wen the wiring gets loose. My option might be to get a new amp, and maybe also a capacitor.

the ratings on the speakers are 100W continuous / 200W peak. i'm not a amplifier weez so wen they put ratings on amps, i'm not sure what exactly do i need. i would like an amp that's suitably rated for my needs. anyone knows how they select their amp to match their speakers/sub pls teach me!

here's the website for the speakers

i dun have the specs on the sub but its a typical 12" kenwood sub i suppose.