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: audio system has stopped working

10-02-2007, 12:37 PM

A few months ago, shortly after I bought my '97 740iL e38, the mid display and buttons stopped working, but the radio still worked, and when I put a cassette in the deck, it would play it. Back then I assumed the MID had gone bad, but after about a week, the cassette deck stopped working in a similar fashion. The display showed nothing and the buttons were unresponsive. Also, I was no longer getting any radio, and insterting a cassette didn't make it play.

For about another week, every once and a while everything would start working again, but the displays were very dim, and they would flicker. It would randomly work while driving, and randomly stop working. Now it doesn't come on at all anymore.

I know everything is recieving power, because when the headlights are on, the trim lights still come on in the MID and the cassette deck. I unplugged everything and plugged it all back in. I have also check voltages and grounds with a multimeter (also checked at the amp) and can't find anything wrong.

Does anyone know what may have happened? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading, I know its a fairly long post.