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Glimpse of Bimmerfest in latest BMW commercial?

Kurt Martin
10-03-2007, 03:48 AM
Wow, Bimmerfest as religion?

I was watching "Countdown with Keith Olbermann" tonight, and that show is sponsored by BMW. They showed an ad for the 3 Series that included a short clip that I'm pretty darn sure was from Bimmerfest! I nearly fell out of my chair.

Here is my transcription/description of the ad:

We didn't set out to be a getaway car
(clip of BMW being driven as getaway car)

or an art car
(shots of BMW art cars)

We didn't intend to be a part of any sub-culture
(clip of car doing donuts in a "sideshow")

Or pop culture
(bmw in some movie I don't recognize)

We didn't set out to play games,
(clip from video game with BMWs)

Or to start a religion
(two clips from Bimmerfest: In the first, you see the open hoods of the E21 Legion, with the yellow roof of Earl Warren visible in the background. In the second, a shot of the parking lot full of cars at Bimmerfest)

We just made the car,
the BMW 3 Series

Another expression of independence,
from a company built on it.

10-03-2007, 04:59 AM
Wow, Bimmerfest as religion?

Well, I think Dave was seeing God after the Friday night party a couple of years ago - probably from too much schnapps.

Repost, by the way:

10-05-2007, 09:46 AM
Here's that spot on youtube.

10-17-2007, 02:15 AM
That's totally Bimmerfest tucked in there Kurt!