: Selling/buying questions - 2001 3.0 & 2006 3.0

10-11-2007, 07:27 PM
1. I'm thinking my 2001 X5 3.0 with 104,000 miles will be a tough sell on the private market due to the high mileage/relatively high value. It has no issues with the engine, transmission, or other mechanical elements; is cosmetically perfect inside and is cosmetically fair outside (body needs touch up paint but nothing notable/never repaired). Brakes are okay, tires need replacing, one inexpensive ($300) suspension repair will be due soon. Is there a market for this kind of car or will someone who's going to spend $17,000 buy a low mileage Subaru wagon instead?

2. The dealer says roughly $12,000 trade-in. Let's assume the price on the new vehicle is about right ($40-41k for a 2006 X5 with 24,000 mi & quite a few options) so we're not playing the pricing trade-off game. I was thinking with this scenario the trade-in would be more like $14,000 or 15,000. Am I on crack, or is it the dealer who is?

3. Yep, I realize I'm taking a $2,000-3,000 hit not selling the car myself but, as above, I think it would be a tough sell and worth the hit to be done with it.

Your thoughts/advice will be much appreciated, thanks!

10-12-2007, 07:05 AM
1) Check the ball-park price on Edmunds/KBB
2) Scout the newspaper and Autotrader to see what the local market looks like for similar car.
3) since you know what dealer would pay on your car; you decide what the dfference in prices and see if you can do better out there.

Note, in WA state if you trade your car in for xyz amount you get sales credit toward a new car on that xyz amount. For example you are buying 40K car and the trade is 15k, your final sales tax WA collect on you is on th 25k amount only. You'll loose this selling the car yourself.
UNLESS, the dealer willing to be the 3rd party between you and the private buyer, most likely not going to happen since the buyer can go back and sue the dealer if something is wrong with the car.

10-15-2007, 05:47 PM
Thanks for the suggestions. I'm aware of how to ballpark the buy/sell price and compare the virtues of trading vs. selling...clarified questions are:

-anyone have a sense of how strong or soft the private market is likely to be for an '01 X5 3.0 with 100,000+ miles?

-anyone have a sense of what the trade-in range is functionally(vs. what NADA, KBB, Edmunds, etc. will say) for a generic clean car as described above? Again, assume the purchase vehicle is priced the same as it would be for a straight cash sale, so take the shell game out of the equation. In other words, what will the dealer get on the wholesale market?