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: MSD ignition/timing question

The Dizzel
10-15-2007, 11:00 AM
Well i got the MSD installed, new ingnition, coil, tach adapter, and 8.5mm supercondictor wires. She is a bat out of hell after completly warmed up.I have advanced the timnming by 4deg. makes it a bit more "snappy" off the start.

The problem i seem to be having is when cold, althoug she starts up normall and comes to an idle, after i start driving and come to a stop, she dies right away and have to restart.

I re-adjusted O2 sensor to read .5 VDC and have adjusted idle to spec...any ideas out there?


Paul Christian
10-15-2007, 11:59 AM
it maybe the MSD set-up you have. What plugs are you using??....I have the same thing happening to last year then went for a new stock coil and no issues at,so I hope this may help you out there

The Dizzel
10-15-2007, 05:44 PM
I am using Iridium plugs, (Denso). Initially is set up the ignition with Bosch silver WR9DS (stock dogs) ran well, but i see improved performance with the iridium plugs. I think the problems lies in air/fuel ratio and idle mixture. I also may have a bad air slide valve. I will know in the am once everything cools down. I have set the o2 sensor to a solid .5VDC but do not have away to check CO out the tail pipe...i will see in the am.:thumbup:

The Dizzel
10-17-2007, 10:29 PM
okay, think I cross thredaed this issue.. Sorry :dunno: as of now..situation seems to be resolved. solutions was: 1. i advanced my timing for more power (hence MSD ignition) and that really thru things off. 2. when compensentating for the advanced timing i messed with A/F ratios which really thru things off. 3. with A/f off and adjusting idle mixture..well screwed the pooch on that....SOLUTON: verified timing was at +25deg TDC, set idle mixture bac to basic ( completley close (turn to the right till closed then back off 3.5 turns), with DVM monkeyed with A/F to .5vdc (using AVERAGING mode on dvm. She started fine and ran very well, I am missing some of the take off power.... but...NOW .. have installed an A/F ratio meter, which verified is now "hunting" for proper co/O2 levels...willl replace O2 sensor in the am and is my hope my troubles will help in future mods...please excuse such a long post