View Full Version : How to initiate comfort closing feature with remote control?

10-17-2007, 08:05 AM
In the E70 ref document, the comfort closing feature is described as follow: "The comfort closing function is initiated after locking the vehicle with the remote control and keeping the button pressed for longer than 5 seconds. Initially, the panorama glass roof is closed followed after a short time delay by the rear/front windows. If the folding exterior mirrors option is installed, the mirrors are folded in simultaneously as the rear windows are closed."
Unfortunately, I can't activate this feature by remote control, while i can do this with a mechanical key. My E70 don't have comfort access option. Pls show me how to initiate this feature. Thanks.

10-17-2007, 11:06 AM
Typically in the past BMWNA has disabled this feature due to liability concerns. Not sure if that's the case with your E70, but I wouldn't doubt it.

10-21-2007, 05:08 PM
The comfort group IMO is dangerous. I'll explain.

While seated in a restaraunt my FOB buttom must have been pressed in my pocket. When My wife and I left, car was parked on the street right outside, the sun roof was open and the windows were all down.

This all happened before I knew the car had this option, so we were freaked. Luckily it was a dry night.

Had it been raining.....:yikes:

10-22-2007, 12:21 PM
I agree. I have had this happen to mean. I would really like the mirrors to automatically fold in when you lock the car. Mercedes does this and I like that. One less step to do when leaving the car.