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X5: tv in motion operating instructions

10-21-2007, 04:13 AM

can someone expain to me the operating instructions for the tv in motion lead ?

I got one off ebay and it came with no instructions. I've managed to fit it and get it working ok, but it is trial and error activating it for different audio from tv:

As far as I can work out:

- I set it to radio mode
-I then select TV (and at this point hear tv)
- I then press left earch for about 2 seconds (reason radio mode is import here, is that if it was tape mode, the left search starts fast forwading tape)
- radio then comes on with tv picture.
- I then have to press menu or after about 10 seconds it goes back to tv sound.

- At this point it is fine. I can watch ipod videos by pressing mode to get to my tape input where my ipod is plugged in and then I get stereo sound from the ipod along with the video. yahhee!

Seems a faff though.

Also, when I have done this the only way to get it back to normal (i.e. see satnav, etc again) is to switch the ignition off and on... which isn't very practical.

If anyone has the actual instructions for the leads, could you post them ?