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10-24-2007, 07:50 AM
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The BMW Welt

The BMW Welt. - A Place for Communication

Opening the BMW Welt on 20 October 2007, BMW is setting a new milestone in Munich, at the same time creating a venue for dialogue and unforgettable moments. "We see the BMW Welt as an outstanding achievement in presenting the world of BMW here in Munich to visitors and guests from all four corners of the globe. In the immediate vicinity of the first BMW Plant, the BMW Museum and our Group Headquarters we not only proudly present our passion for the automobile and its production, but also offer a deeper insight into the world of BMW, our philosophy, our past and future. With this unique delivery of cars to the customer, this unique portfolio of cars and motorcycles, with these exhibits all about technology and design, with the latest exhibitions on specific themes and highlights, as well as out*standing gourmet and catering services, and lots more, we are looking forward to welcoming some 850,000 visitors to the BMW Welt each year", states Dr Norbert Reithofer on the occasion of the Grand Opening of the BMW Welt.

As a building and an institution, the BMW Welt is a significant interface between the Company, the brand, the products, and the surrounding world. This is indeed the only place able to offer an overall, all-round experience of the past, present and future of the Company, the brand, and the wide range of BMW Products. Precisely this comprehensive perspective clearly bears out the spirit of authenticity and continuity in Munich, the history of the Company, and the most advanced production facilities and technologies used by BMW. The BMW Welt, therefore, brings together the social commitment, the sense of responsibility, and the clear pledge of the BMW Group to the world we live in.

The BMW Welt. The Art of Being BMW.
Through its progressive architecture, the BMW Welt is truly a new milestone in Munich. The absolute highlight, of course, is the individualised, highly personal delivery of cars to their new owners. Each year BMW hands over some 45,000 new cars to owners from all over the world picking up their vehicles in Munich, and approximately 850,000 visitors come to see and enjoy BMW's facilities.

Apart from the exclusive presentation of all car lines and motorcycles,
multi-media shows and exhibits offer a clear insight into BMW research, development, design, and production, providing the opportunity to ex*perience the BMW brand and the Company from virtually every perspective.

A further point is that the BMW Welt features its own Events Forum equipped with the most advanced technology for events of all kinds ***8211; this will be the venue for concerts, exhibitions, conferences and live transmissions, as well as receptions and seminars.
The range of catering and dining services is highly versatile, with no less than three restaurants plus the Coffee Bar at the BMW Welt, just as the range of shops meets all kinds of requirements.

The Junior Campus, a special, independent encounter area based on the latest scientific findings in child and youth studies, caters ideally for children between 7 and 13 as well as school-children from grades 2***8211;7. Indeed, this is where children and young people are able to discover "mobility with all their senses" in a truly playful manner.
The BMW Museum. A Direct Experience of History.
The BMW Museum attracting an average of 200,000 visitors a year was built next door to the BMW Building in 1973.

The concept of the new BMW Museum opening in spring 2008 and offering five times the former exhibition area focuses on the fascinating thrill of the BMW brand borne out by dynamism, sportiness, and passion. More than 100 original exhibits, new presentation technologies, long-term and constantly changing exhibitions, as well as new media create a direct link to our contemporary world, the history of transport, industry and society,
as well as art and culture.

A central path through the Museum guides visitors through time and space, presenting a wide range of overriding issues and individual highlights. And last but not least, a multitude of different perspectives, surprising insights and outlooks, as well as the all-round focus of the exhibitions presented strength*ens the dramatic qualities of the Museum.

The BMW Plant. Passion and Technology.
BMW Munich Plant is the original BMW Group Plant, combining the highest level of engineering and human innovation with genuine passion for the brand. Forming part of the BMW Group's global production network, BMW Munich Plant builds more than 800 BMW 3 Series (Touring and Saloon models) as well as more than 1,250 power units (straight-six, eight-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines, high-performance M-engines for
the M3, M5, and M6, as well as twelve-cylinder gasoline and hydrogen engines) a day.
BMW Munich Plant employs some 9,000 associates from more than 50 countries the world over, among them approximately 700 apprentices. Last but certainly not least, BMW Munich Plant incorporates all technologies in automobile production: a Press Shop, Bodyshop, Paintshop; Engine Production and Assembly, as well as a Toolmaking Shop, the Production of Equipment and Seats, and a Laboratory.

BMW Munich Plant is part of the BMW Group's worldwide production net*work with no less than 23 plants in 12 countries and therefore serves as a "window to the world of BMW production" in the context of the BMW Welt, individualised guided tours offering a unique and authentic insight into automobile production.

Car Delivery in the BMW Welt. - A Very Special Experience.

The Car Delivery Centre forms the very heart of the BMW Welt. This is
where the customer, presumably after spending some entertaining hours with BMW, receives the keys to his new car personally on the approximately 3,000 m2 large Premiere Level five metres above the Plaza, then setting out for the first time in his new BMW.

Special Customer Managers in the BMW Welt naturally tailor the car delivery and handover process to the individual customer with his or her personal wishes and interests and, of course, to the particular car involved. Some 45,000 new cars will be handed over to customers from all over the world each year at the BMW Welt.

Ordering. Together with the desired delivery date.
The first and most important step in the process of receiving his car at the BMW Welt is the visit the customer pays to his BMW Partner or BMW Retail Outlet. In theory, at least, he is able to specify the precise date and time right down to the very last minute for the delivery of his car, months prior to the actual date. Then, when receiving confirmation of his personal order, the customer is informed of the specific date of delivery and indeed the exact time for picking up his car. And should the customer not be quite sure at the beginning whether he would like to take receipt of his car at the BMW Welt, he can opt for this special experience also at a later point in time.

To really wet the customer's appetite and put him in the right mood for the upcoming experience in Munich, the customer receives the BMW Welt Pick-Up Package at the latest 21 days prior to delivery of his car. This Package contains all important information for his trip to Munich and his stay at the BMW Welt. A particularly practical feature is the special bag for transporting the customer's numberplates for the car.

Delivery and final check-up. Optimum timing right from the start.
Each new BMW goes to the BMW Welt one day prior to its actual delivery. From 6:00***8211;22:00 eight cars are delivered on transporters to the Shipping Yard in the southern part of the building roughly each half-hour. After an initial inspection, each car goes through the 40-metre car wash using special textiles to wash the car with particular care and diligence. Then the windows and the interior of the new BMW are cleaned in the finish area after
the car wash, with the final check-up of the car's surface taking place in the so-called Bright Light Tunnel, specialists making sure that all cars leaving the BMW Welt come in premium quality.

Once all inspections have been completed, the car is "woken up from its transport sleep" on its way to the BMW Welt. Now it is ready in technical and optical terms for delivery and is kept for the next few hours in the so-called Daytime Waiting Area until the customer finally arrives at the BMW Welt.

The Daytime Waiting Area. Ultra-modern technology in the basement of the BMW Welt.
The Daytime Waiting Area offers space for 284 cars on four levels. A special management system within the BMW Welt provides precise instructions on the minute, specifying which car is required for delivery at which point in time and giving the specialists enough lead time to make their final preparations on the car before it meets its new owner. One of these final steps is the process of fitting on the numberplate.

Since the new BMWs delivered to customers already have some fuel in the tank, the air in the Daytime Waiting Area has a reduced level of oxygen for reasons of fire prevention, which restricts access to this area by human beings. The oxygen content in this case is just 14.5 per cent versus the usual 21.8 per cent in the air we breathe, eliminating every risk of fire in the area.

Two electronically controlled handling vehicles operating independently of one another move the cars stored here automatically, and participants in the BMW Welt Tour are able to see into the Daytime Waiting Area through a large glass window.

The car remains in the Daytime Waiting Area until the customer has checked in in the Premium Lounge. When he hands over the numberplates, the final process of actually delivering the car to the customer starts once and for all: About one hour before the delivery time agreed, the car transporter takes the customer's BMW out of the Daytime Waiting Area, with only the glass ele*vators remaining between the customer and the car he or she will be seeing for the first time in a few minutes.

Arriving at the BMW Welt. Check-in and anticipation.
The customer picking up his car at the BMW Welt should arrive there at least 11/2 hours before the actual delivery time. How he organises his trip to Munich is of course the customer's own decision, depending on the distance and his personal preferences.

As soon as the customer enters the BMW Welt and registers at the check-in counter, BMW will help him or her plan the rest of the day and prepare everything for the special moment of handing over the car. Individual cus*tomer care and diligent planning of the customer's programme are naturally given utmost significance in order to meet all of the customer's wishes.

He is therefore able to tour the BMW Welt, to join in a guided tour of BMW Munich Plant (or on week*ends a tour of the BMW Welt), to go to the BMW Museum, or simply take a break at one of the restaurants in the BMW Welt. Children and young people, on the other hand, have the opportunity to visit the Junior Campus.

All of the customer's data for this great day ***8211; for example guided tours, etc. ***8211; is stored on a ticket showing the customer the route he will be taking and his programme for the day.

The Premium Lounge on Level 3 is the starting point for all activities, offering an exclusive view of the Premiere Level right from the beginning and open only to customers and their accompanying persons, with overall capacity for 120 guests. Apart from refreshments and snacks, the customers also have access to the internet and will find magazines and newspapers in the Premium Lounge.

The customer deciding on the spur of the moment to take a little trip or go to an event in Munich or the surrounding area also has the opportunity in the BMW Welt to make bookings at the Travel Counter in the check-in area, where he will receive assistance in putting together individual routes, for example to the Alps or one of the neighbouring countries, in booking hotels or buying tickets.

The Product Info Centre. Multi-media car briefing with genuine substance.
The Car Briefing Session where the customer receives individualised details and information on his car is a firm highlight of the delivery process. The 290 m2 Product Info Centre on the ground floor of the BMW Welt, where this briefing takes place, is unique the world over and was developed in order to give the customer peace and quiet in learning about the product features of his new BMW.

Multi-media theme stations in this area demonstrate the functions of the vehicle and offer the customer the unique opportunity to check out the innovative technologies his car has to offer without the slightest distraction. The Customer Relations Manager naturally refers specifically to the individual customer's requirements as well as the features of the model ordered, covering a wide range of topics from design, safety, service, performance, and driving dynamics all the way to control comfort. And naturally the cus*tomer receives information here on all functions active in the car while driving.

The first stop in the Product Info Centre is the Info Table where the customer is welcomed by name next to his new BMW presented by 3D online ren*derings on touchscreens. The specific points already presented by the Customer Relations Manager such as the car's design and performance are also shown on the model presented, personalising the information provided to the customer.

After about 20 minutes the customer receives further instructions on the Info Module inviting him to take part in an active dialogue and presenting features such as simulated driving dynamic functions and a short introduction to the car's ease of control. Using a steering wheel, two paddles and the iDrive Controller, the customer gets to know his car with all its features during this multi-media "test drive".

To give the customer a truly sensory ***8211; if not to say, sensual ***8211; experience of the car, the Product Info Centre offers yet another exhibit with various leather specimens presenting the surface touch within the interior and sound gene*rators simulating the sound of a BMW car door being closed. The overall briefing offered in this area takes about 45 minutes.

The Premiere. The great moment of receiving your new car.
Following this detailed briefing the customer goes back to the Premium Lounge for a few minutes until the Customer Relations Manager receives
a signal that the customer's new BMW is waiting on the Premiere Level. Walking down the lavish gallery staircase, the customer now approaches his new car for the first time, with a maximum of 30 cars on the Premiere Level spread out on 20 turntables and 10 panorama platforms.

While the customer is still walking down the staircase, the Customer Relations Manager will start the actual presentation process: Should the customer's new BMW be parked on one of the turntables, for example, it will turn around completely one more time enabling the customer to watch and enjoy his new car from all sides. This special moment is accompanied by special illumination of the car, and a photographer is also present on the occasion to take a memory photo if the customer wishes.

To make sure that the customer is now able to drive away in his new car with a really good feeling, individual information and explanations are offered once again, based on the points already presented at the Product Info Centre. Should the customer have any luggage to take along, the luggage service will bring it to the car upon the actual handover process.

On average, this process of handing over a new car takes 40 minutes. Before the customer leaves the building down the ramp from the Premiere Level, he receives a key tag with a personal engraving, the photo taken before, and of course all the keys to the car. The last car delivery slot is at about 5:30pm, giving the customer adequate time to drive home or to another destination.

3. The BMW Welt ***8211; a Direct Experience. And an Encounter with the Brand

Visiting the BMW Welt and expecting nothing but a presentation of cars, you will be really surprised. For the BMW Welt offers far more.
Apart from the exclusive presentation of all current car and motorcycle series, films and exhibits offer an impressive insight into research, develop*ment, design, and production, giving the visitor an overall experience of the BMW brand.

The Double Cone performs a central function in presenting the latest brand themes on two levels in a truly comprehensive multi-media show. The Tech*nology and Design Studios opposite the car presentation in the BMW Welt offer the visitor a highly interesting impression of modern car production, the latest technologies, as well as BMW's design philosophy.

The Double Cone. Latest highlights and exhibitions, cultural events.
The Double Cone is a striking highlight not only in visual and architectural terms, but also as a platform serving for specific exhibitions and cultural events. Indeed, it is fair to say that the Double Cone is the starting point behind the architecture of the building as well as the presentation of the BMW brand. The ideas and contents starting here spread out and leave their impact on the entire building.

The wide range of exhibitions comprising not only cars, but also numerous exhibits, sculptures, and films changes three to four times a year. The Opening Exhibition is dedicated to BMW EfficientDynamics, BMW cars, communication, light, sound and media contributions taking up this theme throughout the entire BMW Welt in presenting the brand.

The Double Cone also provides ample space for a wide range of events in art and culture, literature, innovations and technology, sports and music. Measuring 13 metres or nearly 43 ft in height, the Double Cone offers the ideal setting and ample space for up to 300 guests. With the open character of the events held being given outmost significance, public jazz matinées and pre-Christmas concerts with outstanding international artists will be held in November and December.

Car Presentation in the BMW Welt and BMW Motorrad.
Over a stretch of 180 metres (590 ft), visitors to the Car Presentation Area have the opportunity to admire selected models in all current model series from very close up. The exhibition stretches from south to north and, respec*tively, north to south throughout the entire Plaza of the BMW Welt, all cars along BMW's Road of Mobility quite literally being lined up "in the first row".

On the occasion of the Grand Opening, this unique presentation will again be dedicated to the subject of BMW EfficientDynamics. The BMW Welt also offers a unique exhibition for the aficionado of motor*cycles: The world of BMW Motorrad is presented on the Gallery at the end of the bridge towards the North Entrance, offering a good insight into the current range of BMW motorcycles.

The Technology and Design Studio: knowledge all the way.
The 800 m2 Technology and Design Studio with numerous theme-related exhibits comes right in the heart of the BMW Welt just below the Premiere Level, offering the visitor BMW technology and design to feel, see, hear, and experience.

EfficientDynamics again comes right in the middle of the Technology Area, presenting the successful combination of driving pleasure and environmental awareness. Hence, some of the highlights to be seen here are the optimi*sation of the engine, Brake Energy Regeneration or the Auto Start Stop function. And as a truly exceptional example of sustained mobility free of emissions, Hydrogen 7, the world's first series-production hydrogen-drive car, stands out as a par*ticular highlight of BMW CleanEnergy.

Apart from BMW's competence in engine technology, BMW xDrive, the latest driver assistance systems or BMW ConnectedDrive, visitors to the
Technology and Design studio also experience the transfer of technology in areas such as lightweight engineering and yacht racing.

"Design is the art to arouse passion". With these words the design exhibits invite all visitors to make themselves acquainted with the BMW brand's design philo*sophy and come to terms with its particular language. As an example, a specially conceived Design Configurator gives visitors the opportunity to put together their BMW dream car according to their own wishes and preferences. Apart from all colours of paintwork and qualities of leather, the visitor is also able to discover selected compositions in design.

The BMW Individual Exclusive Area presents the special colours and rare materials featured by BMW Individual. And last but not least, an exclusive Advisory Lounge as well as a seven-metre-long materials sample wall round
off the Design Studio.

BMW Lifestyle & Original BMW Accessories. The special shop for connoisseurs and avid shoppers.
Covering an area of approximately 640 m2 or 2,100 ft2, the BMW Lifestyle & Original BMW Accessories Shop is laid out on two floors: 400 m2 are on the ground floor, 240 m2 on the Gallery, with each level being dedicated to specific themes: BMW Lifestyle & Accessories is on the ground floor, while the Gallery is dedicated to BMW Formula 1. Indeed, a make-believe Formula 1 bend in the colours of the BMW Formula 1 Team ***8211; blue and red ***8211; guides the eye of the visitor all the way up the stairs.

The product range presented on the ground floor extends from classic
BMW lifestyle products such as BMW shirts and jackets through sports products in sailing or golfing all the way to bikes and kids' mobility equipment, bicycles, baggage and luggage items running on small wheels, Original Acces*sories, bags and leather clothes ***8211; meaning that the entire world of BMW is to be admired in this generous area. And should a product by chance not be available, it can be delivered to the customer within 24 hours. A further important point is that the customer picking up his car has the opportunity here at short notice to buy equipment such as a bicycle rack then fitted on to his car right on the spot.

BMW Welt Shop. A unique world of its own.
The 60 m2/645 ft2 of the BMW Welt Shop stretch out on the second floor, leading up to the Coffee Bar. Apart from a wide range of literature on
BMW and the car industry, on architecture and design, national and inter*national newspapers as well as leading lifestyle magazines round off the portfolio offered. And children will also find appropriate literature on the subject of mobility.
With the Coffee Bar right next door, guests have the opportunity here to relax and obtain interesting information.
The range of merchandising products in the BMW Welt Shop is quite unique the world over: Only in this shop, right in the middle of the BMW Welt, will visi*tors from all over the world find some 50 products on the building and the brand, such as books, postcards, calendars, notebooks, T-shirts or even a miniature model of the Building. So whether the guest is looking for a souvenir or a me*moir of a great day, the range of items available will thrill everybody.

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