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: X5 3.0si options, some help needed

11-11-2007, 08:27 PM
Hello, I just joined the forum and I'm about to place my order for the new 3.0si X5 with Sport Package. Still struggling with few options before it's a GO. Hopefully someone having practical experience can comment some below:

1) Planning to have the iPod option in place but do I then necessarily need the USB audio interface?
2) How about updating the sport seats to comfort seats, what do I get for the extra money to spend on those?
3) Dealer recommended also the active steering. Any experience? I did not have a chance to test drive that, yet.
4) Last but not least, the colors. I have planned the Platinum Bronze (Metallic paintwork), Beige Nevada Leather for upholstery and dark Burr Walnut trims. Those combinations were available at the showroom. BMW Catalog is not recommending to mix Camel upholstery and black interior with Platinum Bronze exterior. What might be the reason? Any other good combinations that you could recommend? I have a strong feeling that the exterior will be the Platinum Bronze but just have to decide the cockpit combinations.
6) I once already had the Auxiliary heating with remote control in the list, but just about to drop it out. Can the standard heater keep the cockpit warm enough during the driving in the cold climate? With diesel I wouldn't hesitate taking it but with benzin....don't know is it worth of spending?? How about preheating with it and how soon it will eat the power from the battery (after few years??) Or for that to use engine-block heater with inside heater?

Thanks in advance.