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: What's an X5 weigh?

11-19-2007, 10:50 AM
Interesting contrast between US specs and German specs for the weights of X5s:

(All numbers taken from official published specs in the US catalog and at www.bmw.de German weights are "Leergewicht EU" with 90% fuel, 68 kg driver and 7 kg other load. US weights are "unladen," which is not further defined but is unlikely to include driver)

X5 3.0si German 2075 kg = 4565 lbs
X5 3.0si USA 4982 lbs (417 lbs heavier!)
X5 4.8i German 2180 kg = 4796 lbs
X5 4.8i USA 5335 lbs (339 lbs heavier!)

I smell a rat. :eek: Differences in the level of standard equipment do not come close to explaining the difference.
And a quick and dirty look at US & German 3er and X3 weights shows them to be pretty close.