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: Thanks for your advice. BMW TECH

11-22-2007, 10:20 PM
Thanks for your advice. BMW TECH..I took the X5 to the best trans place in my area. I told them the problem and showed them your recomendations and they fully agreed with you. They cannot understand why the dealership would jump the gun and not even try to replace the sensor(s). I took the for a ride and they could not hear feel smell anything wrong and I was getting on it to. Its funny the truck didn't even go into a limp mode at all so he was kind of wondering if there really was a problem. But he suggested to change both input and output spped senors since I was going to change one anywase. Can I buy these from you?? If so how much??Also how much is a TCM??:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

11-23-2007, 12:06 AM
You are very welcome,thats what I am here for.PM is sent to you sir,you didnt have to start a thread. (LOL)

I would suggest visiting your "local" dealership or search online for the best deal.I don't really get that much of a discount,about the same as "wholesale" parts that you can find online.Have the transmission control module reprogrammed first before opting to buy a new one.It could very well be a calibration/software error.I do feel however that the sensors are at fault.The input is obviously inside so the transmission shop might as well replace the filter and change the oil.If they do find the condition of the oil to be burnt (which I highly doubt) or metal particles are found at the bottom of the transission oil pan where the magnet is located,its an indicator that your gears may be worn.I don't mean to alarm you,just be prepared of what can be found.I find its better you are aware than to be surprised,you can easily think of the next action rather than still trying to figure out your next reaction. hg=24&fg=15

This picture shows the sensors are outside,im pretty sure one is inside but perhaps im wrong.Its even better if they are both outside.Goodluck !!!

I forgot to mention I went back to the dealer and talked to my sales guy. He took afence to what you had told me in your suggestions. I thought that was funnny. I think I will take it back to the trans shop and let them change/flush the trans and change both input and output speed sensors. But your saying I will still need to get the EGS reprogrammed.:thumbup::thumbup:

He should not take offense but rather learn from it.It doesnt matter what the tech says.if he did believe it he is worse than the tech.If the tech explained to him why a new tranny was needed which I also doubt,He was in it for the MONEY and thats what gives "us" a bad rap.I hate those "kind".I hate people that cannot follow somple procedures,PROTOCOL,and can't even perform the test plan to document the diagnosis.He just burned some time and took your money to try and sell you what may not fix the problem.

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Goodluck bud! let me know how it goes and keep us updated.