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: About to have a '79 320i

11-25-2007, 08:11 PM

Hi, there it is. I've owned an A3 Golf and three A4 GTI's. Hopefully I can call myself an owner of one of these for awhile!

Anyway, I drove it this afternoon and I'm riding the train back Monday morning to pick it up. Overall, it's pretty solid and steady. The pics almost show how well it's been taken care of, but I am wondering what to do about these things:

Clutch has a ton of play-- doesn't engage until the pedal is almost up.
Radiator fan is very loud-- at idle the engine hums, when rev'd it sounds like a truck.
Brakes take a pretty heavy foot, but the seller says he already "did them."

I kinda swooped on it-- (or got swooped) was $2,000 fair? :dunno: It's in SF. Anyone know where I should take it to get it looked at before I drive it down the coast?