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: Need Help - pls share experiences

12-06-2007, 08:09 PM
I have an '06 4.4 sport that has been giving me nothing but problems from the beginning. I've had it for 2 years now, and pretty much since I got it have noticed the really hard knock/shift of the tranny when starting moving from a stop. At first I suspected that one of the engine mounts was boken, but when I took it the dealer they said it was fine and that they couldn't 'replicate the problem'.

Fine, I kept drving it untill one day it just died on me. Completely.I had to take it in and they replaced the ecu (which i had to wait for for almost 2 weeks). This has revived the car, but obviously did nothing for the tranny issue. Since then I had a whole bunch of minor compaints: like the shaking stering wheel while breaking on highway speeds (which was never resolved), breaks and rotors had to be replaced all around, etc...Every time when I would bring the car for service I would mention the knocking/hitting thing, but everytime i got the same answer. I was ready to just give up on it, after all i only got one more year left with this piece of.. car and I already made through 2 yrs. But that's when things got interesting.

It started a few months back, when after being parked for 1 hr the battery died cometely. I was shocked and pissed off as I had to wait for 30 minutes for the roadside assistance. A month later same thing happened then after getting a boost and driving to the dealer, they checked the battery charge and said that it was fine (?!). At that point I was getting very irritated, escially when I was given a Suzuki Aero to drive while they were working on my car, just to hear that once again they couldn't 'replicate the problem'!!!

But this is not even the worst of it. In the past two weeks my car learned a new trick: forst the egine light comes on, then all of a sudden the whole christmas tree lights up on my dash, none of the gauges work except for the speedometer and the tranny goes into safe mode. all this just in time for all the snow and ice we got here.

The only thing that the dealer could tell me was that there is an electrical problem somewhere in the car (you think?! that whole thing is one big problem!!!). I am taking it back yet again, as we arranged that they would keep it for a week or two and try to se whet causes the problem.

Bottom line is, I have been a very loyal bimmer driver since the very young age, but after this, I think i'd have to reconsider. The funny part is that I had another X5 before this one: it was a 2003 and in the 3 years I had to do NOTHING but the oil changes on it.

In the mean time I was hoping that you could share any similar experiences any of you had and what were the solutions for them (if any) so that I could use them as a reference.