: do i have (blutooth/voice control)

12-11-2007, 02:29 AM
i recently got an '05 X5 4.4i w/ nav (non DSP) im courious if i have bluetooth capabilities and voice recognition. i see on the steering wheel the R/T/ button and the (talking man) button, in the back pannel where the dvd nav and cd changer is i see a unit with the bluetooth icon and passkey and the antenna thing on top of the rack. i see on the nav the "telephone" option. and theres no cell phone cradel or buttons in the center arm rest. i also have that sos and wrench button o nthe roof id it helps. (bmw assist i think its called)
now ive heard from various forums that the 2005 x5's have bluetooth standard, even voice recognition, and that the craddel isnt required for bluetooth pairing. but when pressing the (talking man) button nothing happens. no tone for voice recog, or nothing when tryint to pair with a cellphone. the R/T button doesnt do anythin but display on the information line of the dash but "phonebook empty" so im trying to see if i have any of thesethings or is somethin broken or missing. i figure id ask for anyone input before i go to the dealer and ask, because im still learning what came with this vehicle. thanks