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: question about Cellphones/Bluetooth on 04 X5

12-16-2007, 10:47 PM
I just purchased a 2004 X5 CPO and had a quick question about cell phone usage with the vehicle. I noticed that it says Telephone in the Navigation screen and it has the option to dial a number. When I dial the number over the speakers on the car it comes up saying "thank you for calling Verizon Wireless, your cell phone has been disconnected etc please contact customer service." I assume this is because the previous owner deactivated whatever phone is in there.

This makes me think that there is a CDMA car phone connected in this vehicle somewhere and I am wondering if I can use that for handsfree calling? Or is this just the phone that BMW Assist operates with?

I did get a card from the dealer with an ESN number on it, however I have AT&T and a Verizon phone in the car doesn't really do me much good unless I can somehow swap the unit to an ATT/GSM phone. Is this possible?

Ideally I would like to get bluetooth in the car, however I have no idea how to go about doing that..

Sorry for so many questions, just got the car and I am pretty confused about all of this!

Thanks so much in advance!