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1st visit at BMW dealer with my 2005 X5 3.0l

12-28-2007, 08:10 PM
Hi all, I made my 1st visit at the dealer after acquiring my X5 this past month. I had 49,300 miles(79,???Km) and thought I would bring it in for my #1 Inspection. I had asked on a thread a few days ago what to look for before end of warranty, and some fellow member asked me to tell the dealer that I've seen some oil drops on the garage floor. That's what I did and they said they had changed a power steering and prestone hose that was leaking (on warranty). They changed the oil (synthetic) $121+ #1 Inspection $149 + Programming daylight running lights $89. I have the driver side armrest on the door and the center armrest (Leather or leatherette) which have started to peel(as thin as skin) which we can see the leather under (no tears or anything). I asked them to look at it and they told me that it is not covered under warranty cause it has been spray painted(???). The peeling is thicker than paint and it feels a little rubbery....Has anybody ever had this situation, and have the dealers done any repair with warranty??
They told me the #1 inspection is only visual....hmmm....I wonder how good that is for $149. I have about 400Miles left before my warranty is up...so if anyone has a little tip for me....Now's the Time!!
Dealer : Ste-Julie BMW on the South Shore of Mtl. Total of bill: $401:confused:

01-07-2008, 03:12 PM
inspection is nothing more than VISUAL inspection and the only maintenance that they actually do is the oil change, which is a pretty easy DIY, which would cost you not more than $80-90 for oils and a filter and its a 15-20 minute job. Not sure about the leather though.

How many miles does your X have?