: Rear mounted bicycle carrier for X5

12-30-2007, 05:05 PM
I have a 2008 X5 on order and need a bicycle carrier. I currently have a hitch mounted carrier for my Honda Pilot that works well, but the dealer wants about $1200 to install the BMW hitch on the X5. I can add the hitch cost to the cost of the car and since I'm leasing I'll only pay the depreciation on the $1200, interest, and tax for the term of the lease. For a 36 month lease that ends up being about $550 for the hitch. I don't need a hitch for any other reason since I have nothing to tow. I noticed in this month's BMW FS statement for my current lease that they have a rear mounted bicycle carrier for the X5 that does not require a hitch. Here is the link on the BMW web site


The list price is $495, but I see a BMW dealer from NJ is selling them on E-bay for $370. So, my question is whether anyone has any experience with this new bicycle carrier for the X5? It would be cheaper to buy this than to pay the cost of the hitch installation and I can probably sell it on e-bay when my lease is up if I don't go with a new X5 to replace the one that is on order. Plus, I can probably sell the current hitch mount carrier on e-bay as well. The big unknown is that I know how well the current hitch mount carrier works, but don't know how well the new non-hitch mounted carrier works.

Anyone have any experience?


12-30-2007, 07:31 PM
The BMW non hitch carrier looks like a good alternative to the hitch situation and sounds like it is integrated into the car. I would buy on ebay unless you mant it included in the lease. It shouldn't effect your monthly payment much either way.