: what does this little red light mean?

01-06-2008, 11:43 AM
just had my 04 x5 repaired after $7000 of hit from behind damage. the only problem seems to be that the little red light by the phone button (on the radio control panel) is on. it used to go on briefly at startup, and then go away. i figured that meant it was obtaining signal. i don't pay for the yearly bmw assist (not sure if i got 4 years free or not, but after the accident, a woman came on and sent a tow truck...). now it won't connect to anything when i push the assist button, and the screen (non-nav unit) when i push the phone button reads either "phone" or "bmw assist inactive". can't change back to radio unless i turn the car off first. i don't use the bluetooth but may soon. either way, the lease is up in a month, and it needs to be working correctly whether i plan on buying it or not. believe it or not (i'm sure you'll believe it), the dealership says, "it all checks out ok, the light just means you don't have a phone paired with it". bs. any ideas? should i just assume the assist module got broken in the crash and demand a new one? insurance is still covering...thanks

01-07-2008, 09:45 AM
The dealer is right. The little red light means you do not have a phone paired with the car. I am surprised this little red light wasn't on before the accident.

01-07-2008, 05:54 PM
the module was bad...replaced today and light gone. all is good. i really can't believe everyone without a phone paired has to drive around with a red light on the head unit...seems strange.

01-08-2008, 03:04 PM
I think that cars will have the red light on only if they have been paired with a phone and the phone is either not in the car or the bluetooth has been turned off on the phone. I don't think the red light is on if the car has never been paired with a phone.

01-08-2008, 06:18 PM
yes i have a paired bluetooth phone and when i do not have it in the car its red but before pairing it was never on

01-09-2008, 08:35 AM

01-09-2008, 06:43 PM
On our 06, the red light is on right now because the bluetooth module stopped working. Will be fixed next week.