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: I need Winter rims and tires

01-12-2008, 10:03 PM
Anyone have some winter rims and tires that you took off that you would like to sell?

I have a 4.8is with 20" rims and Michelin Daimarias that are worthless in the snow.
I need 18" or so winter rims and tires to go skiing for 20-30 days a year. i dont want to
spend 1700 that Tirerack wants for a setup for that little use. I had a set for $500 off
Craiglist but the guy never showed up. I live in the SoCal area.
Email me at Paulgt3@gmail.com if you have any interest in unloaded your
unused set at a reasonable cost. (some what less than the $1800 Tirerack cost)