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01-15-2008, 05:47 PM
So from what I've read the only downside in the 2004 is the stiff suspension. I'm also thinking my search efforts weren't as fruitfull as they should be and there are other things out there to look for. Can anyone add to the 2004 look out for list?

My wife and I are looking into a 2004 CPO with ~30k mi on the odometer. She's currently driving an A4 and wants an SUV so we're also looking into Touaregs and ML's and due to issues in the 04 Touareg the X3 is at the top of my list.

I look forward to your answers and hopefully in the future further input into my ownership.

Thanks in advance.


01-15-2008, 06:17 PM
I did a long-term review on my '04 a couple weeks ago. You can probably search up "threads started by user" and find it in the X3 forum.

The firm suspension really wasn't a defect, just an engineering flaw. But in terms of warranty issues, the driver's door window seal may creak or rattle (mine rarely does this, and only last summer). The panoramic moonroof may rattle over rough surfaces, or leak when parked on a downhill slope. The side airbag sensor, in the seat mat, may be defective, which results in the "Pass airbag off" light coming on even when there is someone in the seat.

01-15-2008, 06:45 PM
Here's my 60,000 mile review on my 2004...


As mentioned - it seems the suspension may have softened a bit - but I never felt it was too severe or an "engineering flaw". I traded my '02 330Ci with Sports Pkg and 18" wheels... it was much stiffer/harsher than the X3 ever was.

They did tweak/soften the suspension somewhat in later models - mainly because the press was critical in every review that the X3 didn't ride like a 5 Series sedan.

01-17-2008, 07:48 AM
Ive got an 04 3.0 6spd CPO car. Ive owned it since november, have put about 3k on it in 3 months, and the only issue I have had was the CD failed to eject the disc. This was covered under the original factory warranty. I am also having a problem finding a rear seat plastic button (see previous post) that was missing when I bought the car. But it seems like I bought the only X3 with these grommets!

The "firm" suspension dosnt bother me at all. I am getting ready to change all of the fluids on the car, transfer case, rear dif, manual tranny, brake/clutch fluid, power steering etc. I am doing this myself, I cant afford to pay them and they claim they are all lifetime anyway. I am doing this b/c I need this car to last about 10 years for my wife...about 200k miles etc. I have a lot of exp. with these engines and drive lines and have been pleased. I expect this one to hold out just as well.

All in all despite the few potential defects, sunroof cassettes, door trim etc, you are saving SO much money over a new one, and the new one is not that much different, (except for those never ending power lossissues) so if a few things need to be fixed, who cares? You still have the remainder of the factory plan, plus 2 years of a CPO. Just dont buy their extended maintenance plan, this is a waste of money and a cash cow for the dealer.