: Some sweet deals on '04s...

01-18-2008, 09:46 PM
Thinking about buying a used '04 to join my current '05. As far as first model BMW's go, the X3 didn't seem to have any serious issues (just door seals, sunroof stuff). Who's got love for their '04 and thinks I should buy one?

01-19-2008, 07:40 AM
Go for it...loved my '04.

You are correct: With the exception of the window seals and the sunroof issue (all taken care of under SIB) the car had no issues. I leased one as soon as they hit the streets.

My '07 has every bell and whistle...it's p-u-r-t-y and as cool as an X3 can come. But, the ''04 never caused me a day of worry and it flew through snow and rain.

James B
01-19-2008, 08:23 AM
I got an 04 3.0 X3 about a month ago and love everything about it--even to stiff ride. I could not believe that a 4000 lb SAV could handle so well. It's kind of like a big Mini Cooper the way it zips through traffic etc. Mine is black and has the staggered 18" wheel set up w/ sport and premium packages etc. Headlights turn with the steering wheel !!! Absolutely love this thing !!!! Entire vehicle seems rock solid at all times.

01-19-2008, 09:22 AM
Proud owner of a 04 3.0 with prem. package and 6spdMT! WE have the zenons as well, but not the cold weather package (I have been missing the heated seats lately, BUT oh well) Rain sensing wipers are cool, unless it is snowing.

We orignally thought about leasing an 07, or even buying one (although this would have stretched the budget, I am a second year law student and depend on my wife's income). BUT I have never bought a new Bimmer in my life (never have been able to afford it) and neither has my dad (he could afford it but couldnt justify spending the extra money) and I have NEVER been dissapointed. The M54B30 is an EXCELLENT engine, so too is the powertrain on this car. I have owneed bimmers for over a decade now, and have a lot of exp. working on these engines. I really believe in them!

Problems? Well this is a CPO car not quite off the original warranty, we have 1 month left. The car itself has about 32k on the clock now, It had right at 30 when we bought it. WE had a CD player that would occasionaly stick, but the dealer replaced the whole thing under the warranty (fine by me). There are a few rattles, sunroof cover mainly. The dealer is supposed to take a look at it later this week. But other than this it is a great car and excellent buy for the money. When I think of all that I saved over buying a new one, I can handle a few issues.

WE dont have the sport package but I have heard it is unforgiven if your not into stiff setups. I drive a pristine 98 e36 sport pack. car that its pretty stiff so the X3 dosnt bother me at all!

If you like the car, I say go for it! BUT words of advice: Do not trust BMW's maintenance schedules, and you should be fine!