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: NO Heat

01-19-2008, 03:45 PM
For the third time in the two months of ownership, my '07 X3 is in the shop due to an issue with the heat.

Earlier this week, the shop had it over night to replace the themostat and look into the issue with the radio and tranny. I picked the car up the next day after a business meeting and took it out with the techinican so he could understand the transmission issue. Of course, it didn't act up.

On the way home (a two hour trip) I notice that there was no heat again. I call the next day and speak to the salesman (he wanted to be in the "loop").

Today, the service manager calls to see what the problem is. I calmly explain it to him and he asks me to bring it in. ARRRRRGGGGGGGGGG.

I repeat to him, it's a two hour trip each way and I would be happy to bring it up again if it gets fixed. I will need a loaner to get home also and normally this is an problem on a weekend. He found a 328xi and kept it for me.

Oh by the way, did I mention it's 12 degrees out? Toes are just now thawing. Heat is good. Plus, I haven't got better than 19 mpg since I owned the X3. The loaner got 27 mpg on the drive home.

Replacement radio is on order, new software will be loaded for the tranny and doG ownly knows what will happen on the climate control.

That 328xi Touring is looking pretty good now.

I have no confidence that this is a reliable car, wife refuses to drive it now and we're going to Colorado in a couple of weeks for a ski holiday. She is wanting to rent a 4x4 for the trip.

Thanks for allowing me to vent.

Rob Lessen
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