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: 316 intermittent starting

01-23-2008, 06:41 AM
Hi there all. frist sorry for the spelling I am dislex.....

I joined this forum becous my 1982 316i e21 auto with immobiliser has devloped a problem.

Some times she starts fine others this is what happens.

when it works
1) tuch the immobiliser
2) turn key
3) engeng starts

when it dosu not work
1) tuch the immobiliser
2) turn key
3) hear a click
4) no lights on dashboard(eletronics deed)
5) turn off remove key
6) wait some minuts
7) try again
8) engine may start.

9) if not turn of
10) pull fuse 20 - 25 (even if thay have no blown)
11) replace fuses (some times fuse 21 has blowen)
12) try again

after going though this proseger she starts but some time I have to go though the prosejeser 3 or 4 times.

Thanks for all your help