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: Rear brake lines

01-27-2008, 02:04 PM
I haven't found any other owners with my problem on other boards, so here goes.
An intermittent thumping noise from the rear was apparently caused by a brake piston not releasing and keeping a brake applied. The dealer replaced the piston and the brakes
(which were installed 5000 miles ago) as a courtesy. The brakes have always worked well before the dealer visit. They then took it for a test drive and told me that the "pedal went to the floor" and that a rear brake line rotted out. He then said that these are not BMW standard part and that it would have to fabricated locally. I said that this sounds ridiculous, no other X5 ever needed a brake line. He said that where the brake line goes over the rear axle salt will build up and rot the line. I have put 225k miles on 2 MB's and have 200k miles on my Expedition and have never had brake lines fail. The great part is that he is quoting me over $1300 for parts and labor for both lines!!!! Another poster sent me a link to which showed the rear line in detail with cheap prices. There are so many yellow flags here: Did they screw up the line replacing the piston, why did they say that these lines are not standard BMW parts, why the ridiculous price? By the way, the X5 has 68.000 miles on it. Has anyone else had their lines fail at such a low mileage.

01-28-2008, 08:20 AM
I just had to replace the rear brake lines on my 2001 X54.4i purchased in July 2000 in Charleston WV where I drove it for 3 yrs/60K mi. - no salt. Transferred to Canada in 2003 - lots of salt used in the winters, but have not used the vehicle as much, currently 106K mi.. Cost to repair lines was approx $550 ($250 labor/$200 parts). In general I have found dealer parts 50 - 100% more expensive here so when I can I order from Bavarian Auto or similar. In my case they originally diagnosed the problem as a faulty master cylinder. For this they charged $1000 for replacing the master cylinder ($543 parts/$464 labor). I believe there was no problem with the master cylinder, but they didn't diagnose the leak in the brake line until after it was replaced. They originally told me they could not find a leak. Like you I have never had to replace a brake line. On my invoice there is a part no 34-32-6-752-219 Pipe M10/M12 - 3020MM cost $120 which will be the brake line. Bottom line the "brake problem" cost me approx $1550 plus tax.

01-30-2008, 11:53 AM
Sandy-Apparently I got lucky after voicing my displeasure, they are covering everything.
The situation sounded fishy but I can't complain now.