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: Splicing for center wing brake light

02-17-2008, 07:26 AM

At the rear of the driver side brake light assembly, there is a harness of 8 or 10 wires that plugs into the light panel. I need to tap into this for a 3rd center wing brake light. I know the brown is ground. I need to know which of the wires to use for the + on the center wing light so it is on with the left,right brake lights, and also gets brighter with them when the brake is engaged.

Thanks a million!

estoril blu
03-07-2008, 03:35 PM
Hi not quite sure what you want to do but from what i understand you want to fit a third brake light i could just tell you what pin to use but to be honest ive come accross different variations in the wiring on e36 rear lights so the safest way is to test which wire is live when brakes are on,if its an led type has to to right otherwise you can blow the unit first of all you need a test light or volt meter connect one end to the body earth then prod the harness one by one while you have someone pressing the brakes on and off,your test light should also be flashing when youve found it now keep your test light there and connect the other end to that brown wire to make sure thats an earth the test light should work with brake lights now you have the correct wires.