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: DIY - Ten Notes for Angel Eye Install

02-19-2008, 10:22 AM
For installing the Predator ICE angel eye upgrade in my 2003 745i. I used both the link to the angel eye install posted on this DIY board and the instructions now available on the Umnitza site, at

This post is because each of these good install guides has gaps.

My further notes:

1) It is not necessary to remove the bumper - just removing the fasteners described in the Umnitza instructions was enough for me, and I do not have "small hands."

2) For my U.S. spec 2003 e65, it was necessary to have a #15 and #25 Torx bit, as well as an 8 mm socket, to remove the fasteners.

3) The location of the angel eye socket is at the top of the headlight fixture, immediately behind the curved body frame element that wraps above the location of the headlamp assembly. This means you can see it before any disassembly by looking at the headlamp assembly sideways, but not from the top.

4) Both the cap covering the angel eye bulb socket and the OE angel eye bulb itself need to be rotated counterclockwise for removal.

5) The Predator ICE replacement I used (bought July '07) came fully pre-wired - I just had to click one of the red and black lead pairs into the correct adapter housing, also provided. No tapping needed for my install - For me the connections were the easiest part.

6) My pairings were red to gray and black to brown.

7) It was not as easy as described for me to "insert" the resistor and wiring bundle into the socket housing below the socket itself. Using electrical tape to secure the male and female adapter housing pieces is a good idea because of the danger they will slide apart while being pushed down to clear the socket area for bulb insertion.

8) I see no way to install the Predator ICE bulb without shaving the outer edges of the tabs, as described in both sets of instructions.

9) Removing the air intake cover and air filter, as well as the fasteners to loosen the fitment of the box, was necessary for the right front installation. (Mine needed to be cleaned out anyway.)

10) Dropping at least one of the fasteners so they fall all the way down to the bottom of the bumper unit is a real likelihood. If this occurs I found no other way to retrieve them than by removing the front wheel and then the 3 or 4 fasteners on the forward side of the wheel cover. Then it's very to reach in and retrieve the dropped items.