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: New Suspension - Tein Coilovers. Any advice?

03-02-2008, 08:33 PM
I've looked and read and asked and now I am ready to make a decison. The AST and TC Klein are more than I want to spend (as are the KW Variant 2), and to be honest, I just don't think I need THAT level of performance. I want the car to still have a nice ride and not jar the kidneys out, plus it's not going to see daily or even weekly track duty, nor am I in any track event to "win". I just love driving the car and it will see the occasional auto cross or track event. I just need a good solid suspension that is better than what I have that will allow me to tweak it for track days and then dial it back for getting around town or long trips. That said, I am leaning VERY much towards these:


Tein coilovers - adjustable rebound and ride height, plus camber plates in the future if I want to add that. In addition I can also get a control module that allows me to adjust the settings from inside the car. Pretty cool, though I doubt I'll get that. I can get for $1300 shipped. I like that. Seems like a good deal. Anyone have any horror stories or last words before I order? Gotta get it installed before our auto cross at the end of the month!


03-15-2008, 03:15 PM
I have the SS-P in my car and have installed these in a few E46s as well. I have been selling Tein for over 5 years. They are great dampers. They fit, ride, and handle really well. The EDFC is awesome as well. The only thing is they are not mono-tube, but other than that I recommend them.