: VF SC Stg 1 Finally installed!

03-17-2008, 07:20 PM
Well, the install of my VF Supercharger Stage 1 is finally finished and of course i waited until i broke in the kit before posting my review. First lets start with the install. The install was a PITA! Nothing against VF's kit, but the documentation for one was not as expected. It has alot to be desired. The installation documentation was not clear, and was aimed towards the auto tech person. Being in the IT industry, i write documentation all the time and one thing that i know is that "not everyone is a techie". Therefore, documentations should be clear so that even the average knowledge joe down the street can follow the instructions. The orientation of which part was one. Such as telling me to install the lower reservoir prior to installing the belts. Or installing the supercharger prior to the intake manifold. If VF fixed these things on the documentation side of things, other folks like me would appreciate it alot more. Would i ever do the install again? No! Was it easy? not really, but with clear instructions it would be even easier. Its the kind of install that if you have done it once, then the second time around you can definately do it again without needing the instruction or even glance at it. However, my point of view is; because of the headaches that you have to go through, the labor and time consumption of installing this kit, i would recommend to all that they either go to VF or find a respectable shop and have them do the install. The extra 1500-2000 is well worth it due to headaches. But if your a guy who just wants the sense of enjoyment that you done it yourself, the first time will be a bit hard but i can gurantee the second time will be a breeze cause you will know which part goes where, and what is what.

The kit however is flawless. The quality of the parts, the fit and finish is top notch. Since my experience of working with aftermarket products, i have always came to know that aftermarket products were made to work and fit on your car, but not exact fit. This kit is however different. The fit is perfect and needs very or no modifications of any is really needed.

The kit took me 3 weekends to install, due to me only having time on the weekends. The overall impression of how the kit performs? Lets just say that i was expecting power. But not THIS much power! I literally almost killed myself coming from the gas station and flooring it. With DSC turned off, i literally fish tailed and spun a 360 in the middle of the road. Good thing there was no other cars around at that time. Almost pee'd in my pants, but damn the feeling was a rush! After learning how to control the car with the new power, it was what i expected. The power is very linear and instant. If you wanna know, its fast. Damn FAST!!

Do i want more? of course, its addicting. Power is like a drug, you get a taste and you always want more. VF will be getting a call from me shortly for stage II upgrade.

For all the folks looking for a good fit and finish kit, a kit that will satisfy your expectations, i will have to vouch for VF. The tech support is awesome and cant be beat. Who else is going to call you on their time off while with their families on a Sunday afternoon? VF did just that for me. Much kudos to Nik!!

Once i find my way to a nearest shop with a Dyno, i will post my results.

Here is a few shots... sorry for the poor quality.







03-18-2008, 03:13 AM
Congrats man, sounds like fun. I felt the same way when I finally finished my GT35r turbo install on my ///M. Mines an E36, but I dynoed in at 558hp and 487lb ft so as you can imagine, I had fun too. That was pre-methanol injection, and pre-M50 manifold, so hopefully I will be closer to 500lb ft and 560+ hp. The downside:Cant daily drive her any more, wayyyyyy to much power. Welcome to the boost club. :)

09-18-2008, 09:00 PM
It's cool hearing these stories about boosting results. I don't know how my car ran when stock but I can't keep the back end of my MCp straight when the traction control is turned off and with traction control on all I see is an annoying flashing dashlight above 3500rpm. It's been awhile since your post so I was wondering how your dyno results came out?