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: Heater/Air Conditioning

03-20-2008, 07:27 AM
Hi, i was wondering if anyone has any idea why my airconditioning/heater unit blinks on and off. There is no rhyme or reason as to when it will go off. It does not matter whether i have the air conditioner turned on or not. The whole unit just shuts off and comes back on as it wants to. While it is on i can use it just fine, however when it goes off i cant turn it back on until it decides to come back on for itself. If anyone knows anything about this issue please respond. THANKS

03-20-2008, 09:12 AM
Are you talking about the digital HVAC panel? E36s are very famous for having problems with there. There are places that will fix them. Search or check the Roundel- I think there is an ad in there.

03-20-2008, 12:37 PM
I have the same problem earlier with the AC and on\off, so I have the climate control unit fixed and it is not doing it anymore. When everything else working, this intermitten problem usually related to that. Search in ebay i think there is a place you can send it in.

03-27-2008, 07:54 PM
There is a problem with the PC board on the HVAC control which requires some careful resoldering and possible replacement of a 047microfarad capacitor. I might be off on the value but in my Roundel mag there is a fellow that does the work for something like 49 bucks.
I would prefer to do this myself but some of the HVAC units can be damaged if not assembled and disassembly right. I have done the corrections to the older units that had a set of gears to turn the duct to direct the flow of air but this unit doesn't have that issue.

I think you can even log on as a guest on Roundel and get to that classified ad.
Hope this helps...

03-28-2008, 05:21 AM
Mine has done this a couple of times, but it is so rare in my case, that I haven't bothered to fix it yet. I'll try to find a DIY on this & if I do, I'll post it.

03-29-2008, 04:35 AM
Be careful with the DIY...the circuit board does not respond well to excessive heat when soldering (I learned from experience...fried a trace right next to the capacitor needing replacement). Not a difficult job but does require a steady hand and I would suggest at least some small circuit board soldering experience.