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: East Coast attendees?

03-20-2008, 07:55 AM
I was wondering if any other East Coast idiots were thinking about either driving (!) or flying to this event. I'm in Virginia. I usually drive cross country at least once a year, and this is just asinine enough to qualify for the 2008 Bladder-and-Liver-Function Junk-Food Death March.

Probably a 3 day drive out, unless we stop at some choice trout streams and casinos on the way. Also could meet up along the way (TX, NM, AZ, NV) with any other groups driving westward. My girlfriend will likely be along for the ride, since the M is apparently invisible to radar while she's driving. Anyone? Bueller? F. Bueller?

Is there a prize for the longest commute to Bimmerfest, besides a fire extinguisher for my credit cards?