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: i want to biuld a motor for boost (1992 325is)

03-22-2008, 12:42 PM
i plain on building my block to handle a good amount of boost. Its a 92 325is 5sp. It will be driven daily and taken to the track on the weekends! I want to know where i could get stronger internals or what internals i could use in place of the stock ones were i wouldnt have to spend a arm and a leg for. or are the stock internals strong enough? also were i could get a better head or if i should just have it sent out rebuilt ported and m3 cams or what cam? Also how much boost is the motor going to be able to handle? Is there any turbo guys on here with the m50 motor ?:dunno:

I was all so wondering if the car is obd1 ?:dunno:

If u were going to build a motor for boost how would you set it up and do to make a monster m50 ??? lol:rofl:

it will be turbo not supercharged just like the idea better and have turbo and the know how there.:rofl: