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: VF/Evosport hit 600whp supercharged

04-04-2008, 11:53 AM
After much anticipation, VF have just completed the ECU software tuning using GIAC custom flash tuning on the Evosport (Huntington Beach, CA) built motor E46 M3.

540 whp, 380 wtq at 16psi on 91 octane
600 whp, 400 wtq at 16psi on C16


Evosport planned a supercharger power package for it power hungry E46 M3 clientelle several years ago and linked up with us mid-way through their project development.

Evosport's in house engine building dept regularly build race engines for the race team it supports as well as the many privateers that race S54 motors in different BMW chassis. Along similar lines, the Evosport project car received a fully blue printed low compression set of forged internals along with their special recipe of bearings and machined oil passage reliefs.

Evosport installed their complete exhaust package from headers to tail pipe along with a happy clutch upgrade and spiffy set of brakes.

Evosport approach VF midway through the project for the power enhancement. With an already close relationship and only a 15 mile distance between the 2 companies, the logistics were simple. Off came the Procharger that Evosport were pre-testing with and in went the monster Vortech V2 T-trim from VF.

VF's E46 M3 stage1 has already paved the way to the title of being "probably the most popular" system in use today. With over 100 units sold in just the first year of release, VF have proven a reliable track record and its technical ability to tune the E46M3 with a MAF sensor when others have not.

VF's Stage2 has proven to be yet another success, yet again proving it can tune a 470whp MSS54HP DME with an upgrade Hitachi MAF. No other kit on the market for this engine uses the MAF, as far as we are aware.

The VF Stage 2 technology was further extended to the Evosport project stage 4 car. With a larger 3.75" inducer the supercharger intake pipe was modified to supply the hungry supercharger and the bypass system reaction time increased by a custom made spring for the Greddy Type R valve. The chargecooler system was beefed up with enhanced water circulation for greater cooling power.

The fuel system also received several upgrades and currently runs 550cc injectors supported at 5 bar all the way to 8000rpm. Ignition timing and AFR was carefully tuned on 91 octane for the following results at 16 psi on the in house 224 Dynojet at VF.


With race gas the ECU ignition timing was allowed to self adapt and using the same software mapping, the car dyno as follows yesterday.


540 whp, 380 wtq at 16psi on 91 octane
600 whp, 400 wtq at 16psi on C16

Needless to say, whoever the lucky owner is, he will enjoy this beast.