: Help with lease on X5 or 328i convertible

04-07-2008, 07:40 PM
Hi, this is my first time to post. I live in Dallas, Texas and am having incredible hard time with the dealers in this area. They do not seem to want to sell a car unless they can take you to the cleaners. I know exactly how to figure a lease payment and they all seem to try to figure the leases at such higher rates. Besides that, I tell them I am ready to buy and they dont return calls or emails. I have bought two cars from one particular dealer, and this weekend I went up to the dealership to try to make a deal. They were busy. I left a message and my card on the salesman's desk and still did not even get a call back. :mad:

Tell me if I am asking for too much here: I am wanting either an X5 3.0 or a 328i convertable. On the X5 X5 3.0

Premium Package,Comfort Access,Rear Climate Package,Heated front seats,Automatic tailgate opening & closing,Ipod & USB adapter,Running Boards

MSRP: $53,025. buy for $49,790 + Tax title and license. Thats $1000 over invoice.


328i Convertible

MSRP: 49,700. buy for $49,200 + Tax title and license. Thats $500 discount from MSRP.

I would pay upfront for sales tax, title, and license. So, for 36 months, 15000 miles per year, the current lease payments for the X5 should be very close to $697 per month, and the 328i convertable should be very close to $719 per month.

I am also have 2 accounts with BMW financial, which should give me some extra consideration.

Can someone help me with why I cant buy a car or offer some help on who to contact?


Thanks, MG

04-08-2008, 07:24 AM
Be careful about cross threading, you might get :slap: or :flame:. As I suggested, you should post this in Ask-A-Dealer.