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: Turn signal problem

04-08-2008, 01:09 PM
Hi folks,

Just started experiencing some turn signal problems on my 2001 E46 325i today, and I could use some pointers, as I couldn't find anything after searching for this.

The turn signals are intermittently not making the audible signal, i.e. click-click noise.

Sometimes, if I signal to the right, both the outside signals and the dashboard repeater will correctly turn on the right side signals. If I then signal to the left, the outside turn signals will correctly turn on the left side signals, but the dashboard repeater is still flashing the right side signals.

Turning the signal stalk back to neutral does not cancel the signals. I tried turning on the hazard lights to see if this would cancel them, but it does not work every time.

What do you think the issue is?

I thought it was the turn signal relay, but I am also thinking that it may the turn signal switch, i.e. the turn signal stalk on the steering column.

Thanks for any help on this.