View Full Version : E36 2.8 Help Me Problem With Ecu

04-12-2008, 04:51 PM
I Have Conected The Battery Wrong Way Around Then When I Realise That Was Wrong And I Quickly Connect The Battery In The Right Way, The Engine Turns But Wont Start,i Have Brought My Car To A Local Mecanic He Thinks That Was The Ecu,i Have Ordered A Ecu From Bmw Breaker I Gave Him The Number Of Ecu And Imobiliser Box He Sent Me The Exact Replacement We Connect The Ecu Now The Engine Dont Even Turn I Tought That Might Be Something Wrong With The Ecu That I Bought I Sent It Back To Them They Sent Me Another Replacement But Was The Same Thing The Engine Dont Even Turn We Put The Original One Back In The Engine Turns But Wont Start,THE CAR IS A 1995 MODEL ,Can Anybody Help Me To Solve The Problem Will Be Much Appreciate Thankyou