: DIY - Fog Light Bulbs w/ pictures

04-17-2008, 04:43 AM
'There is a single screw to the inside of the car, the other Allen type screw to the outside is to adjust the beam height. The screw is partially obscured by the plastic styling piece that extends horizontally across the face. Reach in with a phillips screwdriver and unscrew it. . sort of difficult because the plastic piece is in the way, and once it's loose the whole assembly just pulls out with a light pop. On the back you just unscrew the cap and then inside is the bulb held in place with a metal clip. You'll see a brown wire (probably the ground) attached to a screw on the cap and a white wire held in place with a spade to the cap, the white wire slides out pretty easy with a tug.

Squeeze the clip and shift it towards the ground wire on the lamp assembly and it will open up while remaining attached on one side. The bulb should then come straight out.

To insert the new bulb, simply fit it back into the hole. There is a round and a squared indention on the metal plate of the bulb to key the proper direction, the round bit goes towards the side of the clip still attached. Then replace the clip by squeezing and slipping the end around the hook.

Insert the white wire back into the connector inside the cap, twist the cap back on and you can then place the assembly back into the housing. It should pop right back into place, and make sure that the horizontal styling piece is back in place. Then replace the screw and you're done!