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: OEM CD Changer or Alpine?

04-18-2008, 06:14 PM
I've been told that I "must" use an OEM CD Changer for my 2003 525i because the non-OEM brands will drain your battery. Something about the CD changer being part of the security system and all.

Alpine has a changer that can also play MP3s, etc. I would prefer to get that rather than an older changer that can only do standard CDs. I also require it to integrate into the BMW controls natively (no extra remote controls or ...)

Have I been told right or can I get a non-BMW CD Changer?

Here is a link to something I'm thinking about (terrible website, the vendor should get a clue):


Any constructive input is appreciated. BTW, I do not have an iPod nor desire to go that route.