: Help! electrical problems

04-20-2008, 01:55 PM
Alright. 2 months ago. oem alternator died. Feb 1 rebuilt alternator from auto part international put in along with new battery from autozone. April 9th, all lights go on again, car dies while driving.

April 16th-alternator replaced again along with new battery. Same model of alternator as before.

April 20th. Car almost dies again, and the red battery light is on warning of a death in 20-30 miles.

April 20th: bought a multimeter.

readings at battery on cold start: 12.35

readings on battery with car on-11.84!!
readings on battery with car on, ac, radio-11.76

Also, with the car on and off, the readings at positive pole at the engine bay seemed to be 0. However, the DDEs were just working from there before I removed them. While removing them at one point I did touch the positive connector with pliers and there were some sparks. Realize though, this happened on 20th after the car was dying again. Also, the car started fine afterwards and all voltage tests were done after the incident with DDEs disconnected from the car.

All the fuses were tested as well, and all read around 0.8V,
As time went on, battery voltage was dropping and so was the fuse voltage going down to .69V before I turned the car off.

Only electrical changes done to the car was a new fan relay for the ac.

It looks as if the alternator is not charging the car again, or there is a short. How could the alternator not be charging the car after 2 days of a new alternator?