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: Which warranty would you choose, and why. if you were choosing

04-20-2008, 02:01 PM
My factory warranty is expiring and I'm seriously thinking about extending it but not sure which one below is worth getting, I mean I could purchase both but $3600+ is alot of money. So I wanted to get a few opinions.

currently I've got ~20,000 miles on an 04 330ci......I only really drive it in the summer time during good weather.


"As far as warranties offered by BMW themselves, they offer an extended warranty similar to the warranty on BMW Certified Pre-Owned vehicles. It would extend the warranty by 2 more additional years (from when the factory warranty would expire) and up to 100k miles and is offered only to the original owner of the vehicle. Covers mechanical components and does NOT cover wear and tear (i.e. rubber parts, trims, accessories, radio, navigation, scheduled maintenace, etc). Cost is $2375.00 and has a $50 deductible. Valid at all BMW centers across the nation.

BMW also offers an extension to the BMW Maintenace Program which covers all scheduled services such as Oil Service, Inpsection Service, brake pads & rotors, fluid flushes, engine drive belts, wiper inserts, & clutches. Would extend the program by 2 more additional years and up to 100k miles and is valid at all BMW centers across the nation. Cost is $1395.00. Both warranties require you to extend/purchase them before the factory warranty expires by mileage AND by date.

There are 3rd party extended warranties as well that covers mechanical breakdowns. For that, you would need to talk to the Finance Dept."

Fast Bob
04-20-2008, 03:30 PM
None....take that $2500 and put it into an ING account (or some other interest-bearing plan), and possibly add a few bucks a week as a hedge fund against possible repairs. This way, the dough stays in *your* pocket, and if repairs are`nt needed, you`re way ahead of the game. Besides, you might decide to sell that car in a year or so, and any money paid up front would be wasted.

04-24-2008, 08:42 AM
I agree with Fast Bob, don't buy either one. Extended warranties and maintenance programs are almost always a waste of money. If not an ING account maybe in your 401K or a Roth account.