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: DIY - Reboot: CPT9000 Btum / Phone Lock-up Solution

05-01-2008, 09:15 AM
Symptoms: iDrive display and controller functional, but does not show phone book entries. iDrive signal strength Bar display does not indicate phone is connected. BTUM and Cell Phone both indicate Bluetooth connection is active and Phone is paired (blue light on BTUM glows steady blue). Steering wheel voice control button inactive. Cell Phone handset calling functions inactive (locked out). Cell Phone will receive incoming calls, but mute function is activated (speaking into handset, you can hear them, they cannot hear you). Dash pop-out phone pad functions inactive. No Telephone audio present in car audio system. Radio, GPS, CD functions all normal.

DYI Solution: Reboot Telephone module

Degree of Difficulty: 1. (5 point Scale 1 = easy. 5 = BSEE Required)

Procedure: Remove Key Fob from ignition. Do not disconnect car battery. Locate Fuse Block in Trunk (right side access door). Remove Telephone Fuse (10A.) Fuse location diagram on inside of access door cover. Inspect Fuse OK. After 15 seconds, reinsert Telephone Fuse. Insert Key Fob in ignition. Normal BT Phone, Dash Key Pad and Voice Control functions should be restored.

Note: This procedure should also work for CPT8000 BTUM equipped BT Phones. However this has not been tested or confirmed.