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: Picked Up The 128 Great Experience

05-03-2008, 02:02 AM
Picked up my 128 convertible this morning (premium package, premium stereo, cold weather package, iPod hookup) at Rasmussen in Portland. Solid deal, great experience with Mike and Clint and the car... well, I just got home


1. I am a former Italian motorcycle dealer so I know a little more than some about the dealer side of things. I got a solid deal and they made money. You have to leave money on the table - dealers have to earn a living too and I would rather build a long term relationship with a good dealer than spend the rest of my life beating up one dealer after another. Keep in mind, there are other pluses to working with a good dealer over the long term that are not always apparent in the middle of the deal.

2. Remember this is an emotional purchase but as with all purchases, do your homework and know what you are and are not willing to do before you sign. If it's not an emotional purchase, you are getting the wrong car and there are plenty of Toyota Yarises and Avalons out there for you to choose from.

3. Most people spend more time researching the purchase of a stereo than they do buying a car (or choosing a doctor!). Try working out a deal in advance and then deal with your anxiety before delivery. On the pickup day smiles all around goes a long, long, way.

4. The car is everything I hoped. Solid handling, good pull, really, really, nice ride. great fit and finish. Understand my perspective, I ride race bikes so its difficult for me to really respect many so-called sports cars except when they are on the track in the hands of a competent driver, so I would not call the 128 a sports car as much as a sports-luxury car. If you like this car and want more sport, I would recommend springing for the 135 and sport package. In the end, 95% of us are as fast as we think we are (as I also discovered recently) so spend some time thinking about what you are truly planning to with the car and choose the right tool for the job. A junk car in the right hands would crush most of us but the right car can, sometimes, make even punters like myself look half competent.

5. Comfort is great. Bigger difference between the coupe rear seat comfort and the convertible than I expected. I am 6' 245, front is great but the back, for me, would be short haul, only, unless my girlfriend was in front.

6. Premium stereo is even better than the premium stereo in my 04 X3 (Although it took a few minutes of them explaining the large number of functions controlled with just a few knobs and buttons) I know its not really a purist comment, but damn I really like a nice stereo....That being said, the exhaust note is...music

7. Wait a month or so to get one. Give me a little while to enjoy not seeing them on every corner...

05-03-2008, 07:12 AM
well show us some pics!