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05-13-2008, 11:33 PM
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*looks* for reasons to drive their bimmer, and takes long routes on purpose just to cruise? Some of my freinds ridicule me because sometimes when they call me, and ask me where I am, I reply with "just cruising around town." :angel: But I know i'm not the only one, so those who also appreciate a nice cruise around town just for the heck of it, chime in with your thoughts....

**Oh, and please for the love of God, don't mention anything about gas, please. :tsk:

05-14-2008, 12:18 AM
I guess I'm guilty :( (:thumbup:)

Sometimes after I go to my sisters' house to treat her cat (twice a week) I take the long way home. Pop open the huge sunroof, turn on some tunes and just enjoy the ride in this nice spring weather :) The route is only a few miles longer but is much smoother than the shorter way and makes the trip more enjoyable. I'm usually not in a hurry either, being a weekday, and I can really enjoy the experience.

Not much of an excuse but you don't need much of one, do ya... :D

E36 Phantom
05-14-2008, 01:00 AM
Absolutely. I love doing it.

E36M34Life: Gas. :p

05-14-2008, 01:34 AM
Good one Phantom But lets just leave it at that, thanks :)

I'm glad I am not the only one though, good to hear others do it and enjoy it aswell.

To me, driving down a long smooth stretch of road, after just detailing the car, with my favorites tunes turned up loud on a warm summer evening after the sun has set but there is still light in the sky, is an experience in itself.

It's funny though, the one guy (friend) who ridiculed me about cruisung around town for the heck of it, drives an Acura RSX, so I guess that explains why he doesn't understand why I and many others do it. You just have to have a car that provides that experience...*cough* BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Porsche, etc. *cough*

Fast Bob
05-14-2008, 06:43 AM
I prefer twisty two-lane back roads, even if it *is* a few extra miles....

05-14-2008, 06:48 AM
Cruising is the greatest pleasure of mine. I will always take the long way. Gas prices be damned.

05-14-2008, 08:05 AM
I might do it if I lived in an area with decent roads, but the roads outside of the Dallas metro area aren't very inspiring. If I lived in west Austin or west San Antonio and was on the edge of the Hill Country it might be a different matter.

Its a different story for my motorcycle, though. I ride a BMW R1200GS and I'll often take the long way home where I'll snoop around undiscovered roads, etc...

05-14-2008, 08:28 AM
I have had my BMW for about 2 1/2 weeks now. I can't tell you how many times I've gone out "cruising" just for the ride. Can't beat it!

05-14-2008, 10:03 AM
Sure. But especially after I wash and wax. :thumbup:

My excuse is I have to dry off the rotors and brakes so they don't rust! :rofl:

05-14-2008, 11:38 AM
im not trying to be a fun buster but with paying over $100.00/week for gas i stay my ass home :cry:

05-14-2008, 11:50 AM
Yes, I'am no alone on this one, since i've been waiting four about four months for my first ride (91' 750il), my ffav past time is to just ride, with the sunroof open and the speaker high (but not loud and bad sounding).

05-14-2008, 02:22 PM
Even when I was driving my very first car (think it was an '89 sentra) I would often take back roads instead of US22 in Pennsylvania. Far more fun and relaxing. Even if it did take longer. Green pastures, nice hills, fun turns, clear roads, and an occasional traffic light were far better than the quicker-but-ugly, congested highway!

I still take routes to avoid bad roadways today. For example, Chicago-to-Wisconsin I'll often take US41 instead of I-94. If I ever get nailed for speeding, it'll be on US41, not the Interstate. :)

I'm with you, e36m34life.

05-14-2008, 11:11 PM
Awesome, I'm glad to hear others actually enjoy and use there bimmer for the driving experience it so willingfully provides, not just as a workhorse daily driver. Of course there is nothing wrong with using the car as a daily driver, but you need to take it for pleasure cruises every once in a while too because I think it's just as much of a treat to your bimmer as it is to you. :)

05-15-2008, 07:10 AM
Guilty but... I prefer cruising on the Autobahn because the stretch near me is not speed limited.

05-15-2008, 11:11 PM
Guilty but... I prefer cruising on the Autobahn because the stretch near me is not speed limited.

And suddenly the 15 mile stretch of smooth country road near my house is not so appealing anymore :cry:

05-15-2008, 11:18 PM
I love just driving around some of the roads by me. I will usually take the long way home if the road is clear for me to enjoy the turns. That being said the amount of miles I am putting on my car has me thinking twice....Maybe in a year or so it will be time to buy a weekend 'vert of some sort?

05-16-2008, 06:22 AM
+1. Recently, my wife and I even took separate cars on a family day trip.

She had the kids + grandparents + stuff in the minivan. We could have fit everyone in there, but taking 2 cars enabled me to drive the BMW ;). She was cool with that. :whip: