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BMW Experience Ride And Drive Training: X6, 1 Series and M3

Ty Vil
05-14-2008, 01:09 AM
A few weeks ago I lucky enough to be able to attend BMW's Ride and Drive training for the 3 new models they're launching this year (X6, M3, 1 Series) as well as Diesel Technology.

BMW really puts on a remarkable training seminar lasting all day. When we arrived in the morning at the main tent we were divided into 16 groups; fed breakfast and sent on our way.

There were 8 distinct 45 minute modules through out the day; most of which consisted of a driving portion and a classroom/learning portion. The classroom portions were quick relevant to the information to what we were to experience driving and just what was needed.

The driving portions of each module were of course more fun and what you want to hear about. Each driving portion was an auto cross style setup to demonstrate the characteristics of the car we were driving. We also in each driving portion were able to drive the new BMW as well as the competition in each category. Various auto-x courses were setup depending on the car and what was being demonstrated; the diesel course had long straight aways to demonstrate acceleration; the X6 course had a water skid pad to demonstrate stability; and the M3 and 1 series courses were set up to demonstrate agility and handling.

BMW obviously put much time, money and effort into running this training and to say the least I was very impressed! I can't wait until the next Ride and Drive training. I've included the pictures here I took throughout the day showing the various modules and some of the sights I was fortunate enough to be see.