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: Memory tricks for iDrive compass points

05-15-2008, 10:06 AM
Hi all,
During my european delivery, Bernard gave me some 'donkey bridges' to remember which direction is which function in iDrive. By remembering this, there isn't a need to hit Menu first, just hold a direction for 2 seconds to jump right to it.

It doesn't work right for RHD cars.

Communication - Up - "Think like you're calling ahead, and ahead is where you're going, so towards the front of the car"

Entertainment - Down - "The entertainment is for the whole car, including the people behind you, so that's towards the back seat"

Navigation - Right - "Before nav systems, your navigator sat to your right holding the map"

Climate - Left - "Advanced vent controls are really something for the driver's comfort, so it points to him or her"