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: Shoppin' for my "pre-loved" bimmer... (the day is gettin closer)

05-18-2008, 08:35 PM
Hi y'all, well I've been shoppin' now for a while, and the day is getting closer. I'm supose to be going to get a car the weekend after next, and I'm most likely going to dallas/ft. worth to get one. So I'm wondering if anyone could recomend a good BMW dealership or private mechanic I could take the car to, to get it inspected? I've found a few nice ones in that area, and my dads workin down there so I figured I go see him in the process of gettin the car (just in case yall ask why im goin to the Big-D).

Also just in case, what about Oklahoma City, does anyone know of a good place to take a car for inspection there?

As far as tulsa goes I kinda like the BMW dealership here, I've met a few nice people there in my search for a car.

Thanks in Advance.:thumbup: