Nitrous On e60 523i

06-08-2008, 06:32 AM
Hi guys,

I know this might sound insane to some of you guys. But i know there are ppl out there with good knowledge on this topic as well.

There has already been a great debate on nitrous systems on BMWs. therefore, i hope that ppl who don't agree to fitting a nitrous system. just ignore this topic instead of starting to post irrelevant stuffs that are not constructive. :)

i have a e60 523i that uses a N53B25 engine which i heard is stronger than the previous magnesium alloy n52. and apparently, there are no SCs and TCs available for my car. correct me if i'm wrong.

there are a number of BMWs that have done it successfully and one which includes a e60 m5. therefore, i hope that ppl with the knowledge can help me with this.

i've already done quite a number of research and found out that there are a couple of brands e.g NOS, Nitrous Express, ZEX. The only problem that i have is not being sure of which product to start with and how to go about doing this nitrous thing.

im thinking of starting off with 50shots.

Guys with the knowledge, please advice me.

Thanks a million,

06-09-2008, 10:05 PM
Anyone ?

08-19-2008, 10:28 AM
Forget what others think about nitrous, it can be done quite safely if you know what you are doing. I suggest you google nitrous and read up on it. There was or is a long thread on nitrous here just search for it.

You'll want a 'wet' system not a 'dry' system. Forget dry completely. Its not what you want. Wet means you spray gasoline with the nitrous thru a simple mixing nozzle.

Nitrous supplies a lot of oxygen and that is all. You have to add enough gasoline to match the nitrous or you will lean out the mixture and burn valves or worse. Nitrous itself does not burn. The heat in the combustion process in each cylinder releases the oxygen that was chemically bound in the nitrous and then you have to add enough gasoline to match all the oxygen.

You can put one combination nitrous and gas injector into the air stream just after your throttle plate, or you can put such injectors in each intake tract in your intake manifold.

The 2nd method is best because it insures the correct mixing.