New guy with a new 80' 320i

06-23-2008, 10:56 PM
First off, my bad, typed the thread title wrong, its an 83' not an 80'.

So heres the deal Im an avid muscle head, love grease and oil, and will wrench just about anything. Ive been mostly into old muscle like my 64' Chevelle SS and rocks with my 99' Jeep Krawler, now I find myself venturing into a whole new world.

About 2 weeks ago I built for a friend a 90' Jeep Cherokee, in turn he wanted to know a way to pay me back. I told him no need to but, he also knew i was looking for an older early to mid 80's BMW. He starts to ramble on about this POS at his sisters house that his dad dumped a couple years ago, tells me its an 80' somethin BMW that runs great, looks like crap. So we take an hour drive to go see this thing. In the meentime his dad calls aand tells him if he wants to sell it go ahead if he wants to give it away go ahead. Well lets say I jumped at the deal.

So with this gesture and me loving cars, my search begins for restoration parts. The car is decent enough but needs a few thing, like the teardrop in the grille,, paint, windshield, front bumper skirt, driver fender, sunroof work, and some interior work. But with less than 100k on the clicker what a better base for a 24 year old car. It really does run nice, needs a tune up and a muffler but is a good resto base in my book.

First questions I have for you all is:

Any good www's that have resto parts, body, interior, etc?
Any known issues I should know of while tearing in to make it mechanically sound?
Any hard parts that are hard to find/replace and are easier to have reconditioned?
Is there somewhere a master list pinned in any of the threads that would answer any of the "easy" questions?

Thanks you all, as soon as we get this from his sisters to my house ill take some pictures and share :)


06-24-2008, 07:29 AM
Try Bavarian Autosport and Autohaus Arizona.

06-24-2008, 11:33 PM
I have some extra parts, let me know what you might need.